The African Socialist International is a realization of Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Omali Yeshitela’s vision, theory and international program for African liberation.

The Main Resolution from the APSP Congress reads:

The African People’s Socialist Party calls on all African revolutionaries in all countries to unite with us into one all-African international socialist association which would assume the tasks of:

  1. Liberating and uniting Africa under a single, all African socialist state.
  2. Uniting, coordinating and giving general assistance and direction for the revolutionary struggles of all African people wherever they occur and whenever the aims of such struggles are consistent with the aims of the international socialist association.
  3. Achieving the objective consolidation of African nationality for all African people wherever we are oppressed and exploited throughout the world due to the machinations of imperialism.

The ASI will provide the entire African Liberation movement from its various political-geographical fronts, with an international division of labor for African communities. It would be a worldwide revolutionary party that would have its base in the African working class communities within the various imperialist-created and dominated territories, as well as from those African territories that have achieved nominal independence.

Why the ASI?


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Kwame Nkrumah, led Ghana to independence from Britain in 1957 and served as its first prime minister and president

As early as March of 1978, Chairman Omali stated, “There is no contradiction between struggling for Africa and struggling for political independence within current U.S. borders, especially since a struggle for political independence promises the structural disintegration of U.S. imperialism and socialist revolution. The ASI is not something separate from the international socialist revolution, but would serve as the vehicle, as stated by Dr. Nkrumah, to ‘advance the triumph of the international socialist revolution and the onward progress towards world communism.”’


Chairman Omali went on to state that the way out for Africa is not to be found within any of the particular illegitimate colonialist-created states, although at various times, circumstances and conditions will give greater strategic significance to one place over the others. A look at so called ‘independent Africa’ should be enough to convince anyone that the solution to Africa’s distress is a continental and worldwide revolution that breaks Africa from the economic and political structures of imperialism, structures which bleed Africa but are necessary to imperialism and white power. The unification of Africa into a single state must also be an objective of our revolution if Africa is to have full access to her own abundant natural resources and develop a real national economy which will allow for her genuine independence within an integrated world economy.

For this to happen, Africa must have at her service a continental and worldwide revolutionary Party under the leadership of the international African working class which, in alliance with the poor peasants, is the only social force capable of waging a revolutionary struggle to conclusion and is the only social force with an absolute interest in doing so. This Party would not owe its loyalty to any of the colonialist-created states or neo-colonialist created governments. Its only loyalty would be to the masses of African workers and peasants and its revolutionary allies.

Throughout the world, wherever Africans are located and in Africa itself, our people are experiencing desperate poverty, famine, oppression and brutalization.

At the same time, Africans are weakening the structure of the imperialist carved neo-colonialist micro-states throughout Africa, many of which can not afford to pave roads, maintain schools, provide health care or even pay teachers and troops because of the devastating debt crisis.

These conditions have created a highly combustible situation throughout Africa and many places where we are located. Combined with a renewed imperialist rivalry and contest for Africa, the crisis is rapidly reaching a boiling point which is bound to explode and result in the collapse of regimes as it has those in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a result, neo-colonialist states throughout Africa are trembling in their boots. Furthermore, the crisis of imperialism is being transferred into its own borders as growing colonies of African workers become entrenched within the heart of the imperialist centers of England, France and Western Europe, and as the U.S front of the African Revolution begins its triumphant resurrection from a period of revolutionary defeat following the Black Revolution of the ’60s. Likewise, the crisis of imperialism impacts with unbounded devastation in the Caribbean and South America where African workers and poor peasants are rapidly beginning to realize that the solution to their problems must be a revolutionary, African Internationalist solution.

The ASI is an idea whose time has come. The APSP’s ongoing efforts to build the ASI is a struggle to build the worldwide Party that would liberate African people, consolidate our national identity and raise our nation to its full stature once again. With this achieved, we will be able to participate in the affairs of humanity with the dignity and leadership that was once ours and is fitting for a people who brought civilization to the planet.

The African People’s Socialist Party has assumed the responsibility for the liberation of Africa. We call on all African revolutionaries and progressives who are concerned with the question of the liberation of Africa to join the Party. The ASI is the winning strategy leading the charge forward to the liberation and unification of Africa under the slogan, TOUCH ONE, TOUCH ALL! We will Win!

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